Quality Overview

We have defined a quality system that includes standards, processes, software quality matrices and audit.

Melstar, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company aims at protecting customer interest by emphasizing that only through quality processes can produce a quality product.

Application Management

There is always a continuous requirement to install, modify and upgrade applications throughout any enterprise. We at Melstar, go beyond merely managing and maintaining the existing applications. We take a holistic view of technology, information architecture, people, services and evolving business needs to Manage » Optimize » Evolve.

Our application management, maintenance and support processes ensure that systems are flexible to meet evolving demands of client business, and provide measurable improvements to maximize partners IT investments. The idea is not to just to 'keep the lights on', but to eliminate application redundancies, provide business value and enhance the overall IT systems performance while controlling the support cost.

When you outsource applications management to Melstar, we execute a proven approach to optimize applications support and deliver on our commitments. The approach that we use i.e. Manage » Optimize » Evolve post the Transition stage:

  • Transition: We transition responsibility of inscope applications while minimizing any service disruption.
  • Manage & Optimize: We manage your applications support needs from the outset and continually improve and refine how they are managed. We implement productivity improvement and cost saving initiatives so that you start seeing the benefits from right-sized services, improved processes and delivery efficiency.
  • Evolve: We follow a disciplined process to gather additional data about applications and their environment and the evolving business needs and work with you to evolve the specified applications and services to your business objectives.

Application Production Support
We provide 24x7 on-call support for application support services, to resolve high severity problems to keep your applications available for your business.

Application Maintenance
Our application maintenance service involves Adaptive maintenance, Corrective maintenance, and Perfective maintenance.

  • Adaptive Maintenance modifies an application and its documentation as necessitated by changes to the technical environment in which the application operates.
  • Corrective Maintenance modifies an application and its documentation to effect permanent fixes or permanent workarounds to correct, eliminate, or minimize the impact of known defects.
  • Perfective Maintenance examines application data and processes for the purpose of creating change requests for performance tuning and capacity planning.

While Application Maintenance may result in code changes, it does not change (add, modify, or delete) the business functionality provided by the application to the user.

The Melstar Advantage

  • Best in class process: High quality, low cost delivery systems that use globally consistent industry frameworks such as ITIL and CMM; highly-trained and experienced professionals and automation tools.
  • Delivery model: A flexible, scalable and transparent services based operating model with measurable performance.
  • Visibility and control: Visibility into each application's performance, complexity, priority and business impact, along with a fully transparent reporting mechanism.