Quality Overview

We have defined a quality system that includes standards, processes, software quality matrices and audit.

Melstar, an ISO 9001:2015 certified company aims at protecting customer interest by emphasizing that only through quality processes can produce a quality product.

Quality Support

Software Engineering Process Deliverables Tools
Project Management Project Initiation Project Plan, WBS, Project Metrics, Time Management, Project Progress Reports, Project Tracking, Project Profile, Knowledge Gain, etc. MS Project, MS Excel Spreadsheets
Software Configuration Management CM Plan, Baseline Status Report, Change Control Status, Configuration Status Accounting, Change Request Forms and Impact Analysis Forms. Visual Source Safe
Software Quality Assurance SQA Audit Reports Non-Compliance Reports  
Training Training Plan, Training evaluation Integrated Development Environments under Various Platforms
Peer Reviews Review Log Forms, Peer Review Summary Report Coding Standards and Other guidelines/ Standards
Measurement Process Measurements for relevant processes, Measurement Analysis, Improvement Plan Measurement Templates, SEI-CMM Technical Report
Estimation Process Size, Effort, Schedule and Critical Resource Estimations Melstar Estimation Template, FP Analysis Template
Project Delivery Procedure Release Notes, Release Authorisation Release Authorization Form